Single Accessories

MESNA™  Hand Made Genuine Leather Gym Ball.

MESNA™ Fitness Ball 65 cm

No need to go crazy at the gym. During this at-home ball workout with a luxurious leather ball , you will be challenging your chest, arm, leg, glutes and core muscles.

ROLA™  Wood & Leather. Perfect combination. 

ROLA™ (stretching roller ) 

Luxury soft roller covered by genuine leather for self-myofascial release, in which pressure is applied to certain body parts to relieve pain. When it is combined with stretching, rolling can lead to impressive flexibility improvements.

MATA™  Comfortable, sophisticated and timeless style

MATA™ Luxury handmade leather exercise fitness mat. It will help prevent pains in your back while lying down or doing cat stretches. Exercise mats are ideal for working with weights, due to the fact that it prevents damaging the wooden floor.

TRESNA™  Hand Made Genuine Leather Balance Trainer.

TRESNA™ Luxury Balance Trainer covered by genuine leather is a perfect tool for the combined balance and strength training. Designed to develop flexibility, stability and core strength with challenging cardio workouts.

SIENNA™  Skipping Rope

Upgrade Your fitness gear with PENT. Luxury fitness accessories. Are you a devoted fitness lover and a design addict? Well, look no further than PENT., the equipment brand that ticks all the boxes.

Perfect luxury wood and steel skipping rope for home gym.

LIPOVA™  Push-Up Bars

LIPOVA™ The most precious materials will make the product impossible to ignore. Push-ups are one of the best exercises. LIPOVA™ luxury push-up bars are simply  excellent, give it a shot to get the best out of it.

The subtle play of light and shadow, smooth surfaces and the most precious materials will make the product impossible to ignore.

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